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Why take your bike to the shop for service, when we can bring the shop to you? Custom to stocker, bagger to chopper, service when you need it, where you need it, for American Made V-Twins.

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We service...

And more. If it's an American made V-Twin, we can do it!

Accessory Installation

Whether Genuine HD or aftermarket, we can install them for you

bullet Chrome parts
bullet New handlebars
bullet Braided cables
bullet New lighting
bullet Seat
bullet Backrest
bullet Windshield
bullet Footrests/Pegs

Installation woes

So the last time you were at the dealership, you saw all those chrome bolts for your primary, trans and cam cover... You thought, I just have to get those ugly anodized bolts OFF my scoot, and the price isn't too bad either...  Then when you get home, you realize that to get all those bolts in there, I'm going to have to take off a few parts, like the exhaust, maybe floorboards and who knows what else as I dig a little deeper...  Disappointment quickly sets in as you decide you just don't have the time or the tools to do it right.

Or maybe you do have the right tools; do you also know what you would need to be replaced at reassembly time?  Something simple like using old exhaust gaskets could haunt you with air leaks and poor performance after you got all that shiny stuff installed.  What about a torque wrench to tighten down the bolts to the proper specs? What is the proper torque sequence? Hmm...  I'll just put it back together and hope I don't get any oil leaks all over my new chrome...

The low price of those add-on parts starts to rise along with your stress level as you wonder how you will ever go to a shop and beg for help! And how much are they going to charge me now that I've got it half-way apart?!  As you lose precious riding time and your friends start to wonder if you'll ever ride again, you load it up into the truck and hope for the best!

At Mobile Cycle Service, we install accessories at reasonable rates, and we know how to do it right the first time.  We have the tools, we have the know how, so schedule an appointment now for accessory installation...  Yes, we can sell you the parts or you can get them on your own...  Either way, they'll be installed the right way, to factory specs.

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