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Why take your bike to the shop for service, when we can bring the shop to you? Custom to stocker, bagger to chopper, service when you need it, where you need it, for American Made V-Twins.

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And more. If it's an American made V-Twin, we can do it!

Maintain your factory warranty

Key Benefits of following your manufacturers specific service schedule

  • First and foremost, safety and continued enjoyment while riding
    • Prevention and detection of potentially damaging conditions
    • Maximize your riding time by preventing breakdowns
  • Continue to receive warranty coverage for manufacturer defects during the warranty period
  • Piece of mind

Warranty facts

  • It is the owners responsibility to follow service intervals as specified.
  • In delivering warranty service, it is within the rights of the manufacturer to stipulate who is and is not authorized to perform warranty service that will be considered covered by the manufacturer and what components are and are not covered by warranty.
  • No manufacturer of any product can dictate who provides regular maintenance or service.
  • It is the owners responsibility to document all service performed, mileage at time of service and any parts installed. 
  • It is prudent to keep all receipts for products purchased, even if you choose to perform your own maintenance and service. 
    • Your receipts are your documentation that your bike has been maintained as required.

Refer to your owners manual for recommended services and service intervals.  Neglecting the recommended service intervals can and in many cases has, voided warranty.

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Call toll free now or use the Schedule page to request service... Personalized service at your convenience.

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Last modified: 2/10/14